The Pretender
NEW Life Shields

NEW Madness Music

The Case

Time Chronicles

The Corkscrew

NEW Lutheran Church

The Shakti

NEW The Justicer

Action short thriller

Who is the justicer?

When the police is unable to stop criminals, the justicer does the job. Who is he and why is he after criminals?

Discover soon the color corrected version in full length.

*Project part of MCS Cinema Line

*Project part of MCS Cinema Line

*Project part of MCS TV Line

LACC chase project

When life depends on a suitcase.

First movie project ever done on American soil by Marcos Monsalve, the case was a class project assignment for beginners cinema class.

A free DVD demo with 5.1 mix and bonuses is now available.

The budget for all was under $50!

Movie trailer for a real

“One of the best reals ever made”

Designed to show Yashia McGuire acting potential, this clip reveals Marcos Monsalve new skills as a DP and at editing.

Edited from scratch in less than 6 hours!(including color, motion graphics, music)

All the equipment used was owned at 100% by MCS General Pictures.

*Project part of MCS Cinema Line

LifeShields Commercial

Tired of drinking coffee?

Discover the benefits of Life Shields products thru a cinema like movie.

This “mini” feature style commercial was designed for a European audience.

*Project part of MCS TV Line

*Project part of MCS TV Line

First sitcom ever

High key, laughs,British humor is what this is all about....

This first “TV comedy” short was written and shot by Marcos Monsalve to try out “his feel” for comedies.

This short was submitted as second project in the LACC beginner’s cinema class.

*Project part of MCS TV Line

An Indian documentary

Learn about the life of indian orphans.

This documentary shows all the effort of Jean Pierre Python to maintain and extend an orphanage that has saved many lives.

Directed and produced by Marcos Monsalve, the challenge was to make a documentary without having video footage of the location.

MCS Cinema Line birth

A true life change story

This high-school project was the detonator that changed Marcos Monsalve’s life.

After producing this clip, he abandoned his 6 years engineer school and left for america dreaming to learn and one day become a director....

*Project part of MCS TV Line

*Project part of MCS Cinema Line


NEW 2 Brothers

*Project part of MCS TV Line


A first music clip

One of the only Swiss rapper group.

Madness is one of the few local Swiss rap group that has worked a long way to get noticed.

This is there first music clip. It is also the first music clip that Marcos Monsalve ever shot.

How did the movement grow in California

Lutheran Church, is a documentary that was initially produced for the 70’th anniversary of lutheran burbank church.

This version focuses more on the general Lutheran History by propelling us in it’s past and revealing todays members feelings and thoughts.

An old release finally revealed

Shot with a $400 camcorder...

2 Brothers is a short trailer that was produced for a video festival in Switzerland.

This old project has much significance to Marcos Monsalve as it is “the project” that will lunch his career.

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